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TEAM-102 Stripped The Wet Sheer Uniforms Fucked In The Rain School Girls An Tsujimoto. The film tells the story of Tsujimoto, a high school girl. Lately she has been having nightmares often and it seems to foretell bad things to happen to her. On a cool, blue afternoon, she rode her bicycle out to the grassy field to read a story, but suddenly dark clouds gathered and it looked like it was about to rain. Tsujimoto hurriedly ran home, but she couldn't make it in time and had to stop in an alley. away to hide from the rain even though she was completely wet. While waiting for the rain to pass, suddenly a man entered the alley where she was standing to take shelter from the rain. Seeing the extremely seductive Tsujimoto in a dark uniform makes the man's blood boil and... Will our Tsujimoto have to face what lies ahead? Let's stay tuned.

TEAM-102 Harmful rain awaits dreamy student An Tsujimoto
TEAM-102 Harmful rain awaits dreamy student An Tsujimoto
 Movie Code: TEAM-102 
 Actor: An Tsujimoto 
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